Project Kilo


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OrangeMedia is proud to introduce Project Kilo

Project Kilo is the result of countless sleepless nights. We worked hard to cater directly to the user with a simple idea.

We want to ensure that the user can customize their phone according to their own needs. They should be able to overclock or underclock their CPU according to their needs. They should be able to control the KNOX value. Therefore, to best suit the needs of the users, we are launching Project Kilo.



KNOX Reset 3.0

• Systemless root is no longer required
• Note 9 is now supported
• KNOX 3.1 is now supported
• Better way to fix S Pay & S Health



Boost your SD845 to 3.2GHz with one click. Or, underclock to 700MHz to conserve battery. The choice is yours.



Knottfall is an offline messaging service which was abandoned by Venus342. After acquiring Venus342, we have decided to revive the project. We plan to distribute the offline messenger via Project Kilo.


Kilo Recovery

We recently conducted a survey and found out that most of our valuable customers prefer an alternative to TWRP. So, we came up with Kilo Recovery Beta. Some key highlights are :

  • Touch based recovery
  • Natively supports KNOX Reset
  • Supports Virtual SD Card
  • Easy installation


Access everything with a one-time fee.

Plus get updates to the apps, access future apps for free, and get exclusive previews.
Also, we promise to add over 10 new apps to the Project over the course of a year.