KNOX Reset

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  • V.3.1 (Current)

*Futuristic UI

*V.3.0 bugs fixed

* Busybox dependency removed

  • V.3.0

*Systemless root is no longer required
*Note 9 is now supported
*KNOX 3.1 is now supported 
*Better way to fix S Pay & S Health

  • V.2.5

* S Pay, Health & S Folder reset

* S Pay & Health MOD installation (For custom ROMs)

* Minor bug fixes

  • V.2.1

* Minor bug fixes

* Plugin in app optimized

  • V.2.0

* Full support for KNOX 2.0

* Full support for Android 7.0

* Added Auto-Binary process

* Simplified plugin app with major optimizations

* S Pay preservation for pre-KNOX trip implemented

* Device official status restore

* OTA updates fixed after reset

* Full support for Lineage Os 14

  • V.1.5 :

* Added partial support for Lineage OS

* Fixed major V.1.3 bugs

* Plugin optimizations

  • V.1.3
    – Secondary verification method changed
    – Added KNOX Reset Premium V.3.2
  • V.1.2.1
    – Now requires busybox to be installed in system/bin
    – Added License verification
  • V.1.2
    – Simplified instructions
    – Added KNOX Reset Premium V.2.0
    – V.1.0 of KNOX Reset Premium is now obsolete. Please send us your previous/new bill to get the updated version of KNOX Reset PremiumV.2.5
    -90% of the profit now goes to dog rescue centers from all over the world
    – Use & Buy our products, save animals & dogs!
    – A button covers some text, will be fixed in next version
    – Removed triple verification
  • V.1.1
    – Added KNOX Reset Premium
    – Added VMC Next Ads Remove
    – Added Anti – Piracy verification
    – Fixed License issues
  •  V.1.0

– Inital stable release

  • 0.1B

-Initial beta release on XDA

VMC Next


– 90% of advertisement ‘profits’ now goes to Dog Rescue centers, globally.
– Minor Bug fixes

-Updated security patterns
-Refreshed security algoritms
-Patched all known vulnerabilities
-New security infrastructure
– Added #reward50 program
– Removed RED Theme
– Random ‘VMC Next is not responding’ [ANR] fixed
– Major Bug Fixes
– Major Server maintenance
– Partnered with Product Red
– Changed advertisement type

– Removed ADs

– Support for Nougat & Marshmallow
– Fingerprint lock
– UI Enhancement
– Bug fixes

V. 4.0

Enhanced 4096 security

Previous Logs not available.