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KNOX Reset Free

The OrangeMedia and Venus342 community have decided to launch KNOX Reset Free programs for both developers and users to have a first hand experience of our app. The donation option will still be open.

  • V.1.2E of KNOX Reset Elite will be distributed as KNOX Reset Free ( V.1.2F)
  • Bug fixes will be implemented as V.1.2.xF
  • Both developers and users will be able to fill up the form
  • Filling up the form doesn’t ensure that you are a participant
  • If selected in the program after filling out the form, we will contact you back.
  • Filling up a form as soon as possible greatly increases your chances of being selected
  • Filling up a later dated program form increases your chances of being selected

We will select participants according to these factors :

  1. Date of program ( A later dated program increases chances of being selected )
  2. Survey answers
  3. Purpose for using KNOX Reset Free
  4. Availability
  5. Credibility ( Developer / Apps marketer etc.)

Programs :

1st JAN 2018 – Status : Full ( 500 out of 500 users)

1st FEB 2018 – Status : Full ( 500 out of 500 users) ( Distribution delayed to 1st April )

1st FEB 2018 (2nd Dist) – Status : Available ( 97 out of 1000 users ) (Distribution delayed to 1st April)

1st MAR 2018 – Status : Full ( 500 out of 500 users )

1st APR 2018 – Status : Filling up fast ( 324 out of 500 users)

1st MAY 2018 –  Status : Available ( 163 out of  500 users )

1st JUN 2018 – Status : Almost empty ( 25 out of 500 users)

Enrollment :

1st JAN 2018 (Full)

1st FEB 2018 (1) (Full)

1st FEB 2018 (2) (Available) (Distribution delayed to 1st April 2018)

1st MAR 2018 (Full)

1st APR 2018 (Available)

1st MAY 2018 (Available)

1st JUN 2018 (Available)

Info : The program on 1st JAN 2018 has been completely reserved for developers. Users can enroll only for programs starting from 1st FEB 2018.

Info : The programs dated after 1st FEB 2018 are currently reserved for specific users and developers. The forms will be available for public fill-up after the reservations are allotted.

Info : The program dated 1st FEB 2018 has been delayed to 1st April 2018 due to excessive demand and certain technical difficulties. 

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