Venus342 excelled in software development and was an active member in the development community. After 2 years of continuous research, Venus342 managed to achieve something that even multi-million dollar companies couldn’t. Venus342 managed to develop a software solution which allowed users to reset the ‘KNOX Counter’. ‘KNOX Counter’ is an extremely sophisticated piece of security suite. But we had managed to defeat it.

Venus342 had developed an application which allowed users to communicate in absolute privacy. ‘VMC Next’ used 2048 Bit enhanced encryption and multiple layers of TOR security to protect the privacy of the users. It was a great success, with over 10 Million active users.

Today, things have changed, we have t0 admit that due to our incompetence, we are in a financial crisis.

The committee believes that Venus342 doesn’t have a future.

Venus342 will cease all operations effective onwards 26th October.

All sublinks will remain active.