KNOX Reset




KNOX Reset

Receive the latest edition (V.2.6) of KNOX Reset instantly! **Processing fee will be refunded as per terms**


This app is for experimental purposes. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused by this app.
Consider a Full backup before proceeding

This app is tested on most of the models which has label ‘Supported’

This app disables and resets KNOX Counter to 0x0 (0)

Pro’s :

  • Reset KNOX Counter to 0x0(0)
  • Retrieve warranty
  • Flash unlimited custom roms without fear of losing warranty
  • Use Samsung Health and Secure Folder without problems
  • Fixes S Pay and S Health
  • Disables KNOX

Con’s :

  • Doesn’t support KNOX 3.0 or later ( Support coming soon )
  • Requires SELINUX to be permissive ( Custom ROM )
  • Requires traditional root ( Custom ROM )
  • Rewards program contains advertisements

This free app is presented to you by OrangeMedia Inc.

Find the requirements for the app to work here.

A one-click tool to reset KNOX Counter to 0x0.

This app is compatible with most Samsung phones including the Note 8 ( A7.1.1 )

Minimum memory required : 2 GB Free Memory Required

KNOX Reset :

  • Supports 90% devices of Samsung including Samsung Note 8 and S8 (Android 7.1.1)
  • Supports Android 6.0.1 + till Android 7.1.1 Additional support for Official Lineage OS 15.1
  • The final deliverable is provided via Telegram Messenger
  • Amazon Pay balance : $5.00* (*T&C Apply)
  • Samsung Health and Secure Folder will work perfectly after use

Coming soon!

Supported Devices :

Is your device not listed above?

If your device isn’t listed above, it indicates that we haven’t officially tested your device yet. Don’t worry! If there is a lot of demand for your device, we will proceed to test and approve your device offcially.

TroubleShooting :

  • Can’t find sys/var/x.img extension (Hot Topic: Either you don’t have enough memory for downloading partitions (2 GB) or your img isn’t renamed properly.
  • Crash on first launch (Common Topic) : It’s ok. The memory buffer fails on the first launch. It’ll work fine on the second launch. If you have a high RAM,it may not crash.
  • No root available (Fixed Topic)  : Use SuperSU 76 or older versions. 
  • Initial access to boot.img failed : Ensure Root. Ensure Partition is mounted as Read/Write. Ensure SELINUX is set to permissive. Ensure Busybox is installed in system/bin
  •  Please boot up linux  before continuing (Super Hot Topic) :Don’t worry. Android is Linux Based. Linux OS not required. Flashing STOCK ROM solves this issue.
  • Unsupported Kernel : Oops. Sorry but we can’t do anything about it.
  • Fatal R/W issue occurred : Uninstall app and request for latest copy. Then, before installing mount partition as Read & Write. Also, SELINUX To permissive. Then install app.

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