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KnottFall is an offline messaging service which doesn’t require any form of connectivity for sending anything including videos & photos but not limited to text. It is extremely handy in emergency conditions. It can also be used when mobile data service is not available.


VMC Next®

HEAD OVER  TO VMC Next II An app by Venus342 —Made with Care in India An App for the next generation Introducing Offline Messaging (OITS Engine)! OITS HAS RELEASED AND IS AVAILABLE AT WWW.VENUS342.COM Exclusively for android users.Now stay in touch even when you are offline! Features : The next generation 2048 bit encryption messenger TCP Packets ensure … Continue reading VMC Next®

Server Status

Test Conducted. Server Status :- KNOX Reset Distribution Server   LIVE Knottfall    LIVE OrangeMedia   LIVE VMC Next   REMOVED Brace For Impact  REMOVED MayField-RingMe  REMOVED TS 2016 Venus  REMOVED Social Club REMOVED Venusify  REMOVED Venus342  REMOVED Clumsy Ninja  REMOVED OITS  REMOVED OFFLINE ENGINES FOR OITS  REMOVED Last updated at 22 : 45  5/1/19 GMT 5:30+         … Continue reading Server Status